New Artwork #whatworksforme

Our mental health, learning disability and Deaf groups have created some artwork to illustrate the coping strategies and activities they use to improve their mental health and everyday happiness.



Sometimes the smallest of things can be enough to make you feel more positive such as taking a moment to just sit and think, going for a walk in the countryside or spending some time with friends.



The work was created with Adobe Sparks

Adobe Sparks is an online resource that is very accessible and easy to use. It allowed our groups to express their thoughts and create high quality artwork easily and quickly.



The artwork is part of our #whatworksforme project which is a series of short films made by our mental health group. In these films members of the group share the coping strategies they use to improve their mood-what works for them.



We are hoping that the more we share what works for us, the more support we will be able to provide each other.



Please feel free to share your coping strategy through a written message, photo , video or artwork on our Twitter feed using the #whatworksforme hashtag and encourage others to do the same.


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