New Projects From Our Volunteers

It’s been a busy couple of months for all our volunteers and they have created some great pieces

 It gives me purpose – International Volunteering Day Video

It gives me purpose was filmed for International Volunteering Day 2017. Our volunteers wanted to create a video about why volunteering was important for them and how it helped with their mental health.

Have Your Say on the Day

Have Your Say On The Day was made by our Learning Disability group, with the aim to encourage everyone to register to vote for the 2017 General Election. It also explained how the general election would affect the everyday lives of the learning disabled community.

Have your say on the day BSL Version

We also created a BSL version of Have Your Say On The Day which focuses on the important aspects of politics in regard to the Deaf community

Rock Your Socks Off – World Down Syndrome Day Video

Our volunteers produced this quick and silly video in an afternoon to show their support for World Down Syndrome Day, which had a theme of socks for the international day.

Just let go – International day of happiness 20.03.17

Just let go was an attempt by our volunteers at creating a very simple but happy animation for the International Day of Happiness 2017. Created in a single afternoon our volunteers drew the various aspects of the piece by hand, recorded their message in the recording studio and created the piece using the Adobe Cloud editing software.

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