The Wednesday Group have set themselves a personal goal that they have started making steps towards over the last three months. Each member of the group put together a timeline of what they needed to do to achieve their goal and have begun setting themselves tasks each week to complete outside of the group. Setting the tasks on a Wednesday and reporting back to the group the week after has given each member a focus during the week and helped them make small steps towards achieving their goals. Staff have also supported the members to complete tasks in the session that they have found difficult to complete at home.

Alongside making a start on achieving their goals, the group have been documenting their progress, challenges and successes and will be putting together a video diary style film. They have been working on presenting to camera and trying different styles of filming to see what works best for them. This has helped the group with confidence in expressing themselves.

Andrew and Simon working with Anna.
Saul, our HOV mentor, supporting Jacob.
Chris working with Jacob to film a progress update.