Simon is part of the Hear Our Voice Monday group. During lock down he has been taking note about what his life is like now and if there are any differences. Simon shared this piece of writing with the group about the beginning of the week.

Health problems keeping me in.
Stayed in bed listening to radio. Not much different than when i usually stay indoors.

Only going out for shopping really. Life on hold.
My phone is my main outlet. And main means of communication with the outside world. I rely on my phone a lot.
Texting people, phone, looking on internet

Stayed in today not done much.
Friends phoned me up today so was talking to them today. Also phoned mum.
Wanted to go out as I had to buy something but stayed in. Hard to motivate myself to do stuff.
There was something I had to do but was avoiding.

Tomorrow got something to do as support worker coming. Forces me to do something. I need motivating.

Radio has become my structure during the day.

Found out from phonecall that town was busy today so maybe good that I didn’t go out.
Long queues in Bradford today. People waiting for hours to get into shops.

This was Monday.

Today Tuesday, my support worker came to see me.

I went to town did some shopping.

Went to Broadway more shops were open. There was a one way system. Notices were on the floor to direct you.