The Wednesday group have been having weekly Zoom calls since April. They are working on individual projects at home and sharing what they have been doing every Wednesday on Zoom. Recently, Anna the project coordinator, has handed over to the members to lead on discussions with the group. Some members have wanted to discuss topics that are particularly important to them right now, and find out the rest of the group’s opinion.

Saul has led a discussion on the group’s thoughts about what changes they want to see in this country after we have recovered from the coronavirus pandemic. The discussion was recorded and will be submitted to the House of Commons by Saul, so their opinions can be heard.

Luke has led a discussion about assistive technology and shared his thoughts on what would be useful for him. The discussion helped the group understand what assistive technology is and what is on offer for people to potentially use. They talked about apps that can be used to help people become more independent by managing anxiety.

We will continue to have these peer led discussions during our Zoom calls to develop the groups skills and confidence in this area.