My Opinion on the Government Restrictions

How do you find out information about government restrictions?

My carers have shown me the restrictions when they have changed because they get updates on their phones and I look on the government website as well. I don’t read it all because there are large paragraphs. I read what you can and can’t do. I know you can’t go in houses and there are more restrictions that have been added recently. It would be easier to understand if the information wasn’t in really long paragraphs; it takes a long time to read. There are tonnes and tonnes of documents and they’re very long winded. I think they could break it down a bit.

What do you think the government could have done differently?

They could have waited a while to open the pubs. There are lots of people who are rushing to go to pubs; it’s just too risky because any one of them could pick up the virus. It may have increased the spread of coronavirus.They could have handled the outbreak of the situation better. They didn’t handle it the way people expected them to. I believe the government have been in a rush to get the economy going again. I know it’s important but you still have the risk of the virus because it’s so contagious.I think they could have reopened day centres and services for people with disabilities, providing they are Covid secure. They could provide these places with the right PPE. These centres are people’s lives; people miss their hobbies and the routine it gives them. You don’t want to lose this.

How have the government restrictions affected you personally?

I’d like to be able to see my family again and go out with them. I’d like to do something special and catch up. It’s been a long period of time not being able to speak to them and socialise. I have been able to go out with my carer for drives out and some fresh air which I appreciate. It has helped me through the coronavirus outbreak. I feel frustrated and a bit anxious especially now there have been new restrictions announced. There have been times when I’ve had bad days and the restrictions have affected my mood. I wanted it to be back to normal so I can do the things I usually do.