At this time we cannot do Hear Our Voice sessions at BTM so we are working with the groups virtually. The group that meet on a Wednesday have been asked to share their thoughts and feelings about the situation they are in. This written piece is from one of our members Jacob.

Hi my name is Jacob and I go to Bradford’s talking media on a Wednesday to help produce disability information resources.

My response to Covid 19 is stop at home which is hard for me as I normally film railways. I was planning to go out a lot because it was the start of the season. I am coping by watching Youtube as there is an endless selection of videos to watch of how people are pulling together which is very nice to see and by using my own bank of old footage to top up my own railway website for my followers.

I am staying at home because I am worried about getting Covid 19 because I saw a video of Italy’s ICU on the news and it was scary as everyone was alone. My main worry is getting separated from my nan as I have no speech and being put to sleep on a ventilator as you might never wake up.

I think the government are doing very well at coping with the virus, I am happy to stick to the regulations as at the end of the day it is your responsibility to keep yourself safe no one else’s.

I’m sending best wishes to all my colleges at BTM and hope you are all safe and well