Below is an account written by one of our volunteers on the The National Lottery Community Fund Hear Our Voice Project about their experience during the coronavirus lockdown.

This is about my visit to Thornton medical centre under coronavirus conditions for David 

My visit to Thornton Medical Centre for blood test :

I had to go to Thornton because my surgery was closed due to coronavirus.

Thornton is far away so I had to take a taxi.

You couldn’t enter the surgery as you normally would.

I had to stop at the front door.

The door was locked.

I had to press the intercom button to speak to the receptionist.

She asked me if I had any symptoms and if I had been in contact with anyone who had had covid 19.

She then asked me if I was wearing a mask. I had to have my facemask on before i went in.

Then I went to the waiting area.

The chairs were arranged 2 metres apart.

When I had my blood test I was still wearing my mask.

The nurse taking my blood was wearing PPE, a visor, mask and gloves.