BTM have recently started delivering Neurodiversity training. Our training aims to explain what Neurodiversity means, and we talk about the conditions that fall under the neurodiversity umbrella. We also discuss how neurodiversity relates to mental health problems. To make our training as informative and inclusive as we can, we want to hear from people with neurodiverse conditions, and include their lived experiences in our training sessions.

We would like to speak to people who have:

-Tourette’s Syndrome




We would ultimately like to use short videos of people talking about their experiences living with their neurodiversity, and we also want to hear about what they value about being neurodiverse. These videos can either be filmed at BTM, over Zoom, at a service you visit, you could film them yourself, or if you prefer, you could share your experiences with us anonymously, and not actually appear in the training at all.

BTM are committed to making our neurodiversity training as informative as it can be, so if you want to share your experience or know someone else who does, then please get in touch with us at BTM.

01274 848150

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